Hourea, Founder
"At Artizaans, we care about the planet, its peoples and their cultures. It is reflected in everything that we do!" Hourea - Founder

We tend to underestimate our individual impact on the world. It is often not so apparent to us how our thoughts and choices can affect other people, communities and even the planet. When we realise that change starts from us and that, people’s collective demands create the world we live in, we become more conscious about our choices.

Browse my favourite pieces, curated for you and perfect for gifting season - Hourea's Picks 

The craftsmanship community around the world is extremely rich and diverse with a lot to offer. As conscious buyers, it’s important to understand why we should stand with the artisans, their communities and traditional techniques. Here are my top 5 reasons for doing so: 

1. UNIQUE (or to be a little cliché, YOU-NIQUE)

Crafted by an artisan, each piece is one of a kind. No carving, weaving or dyeing is exactly the same. Every artisanal piece tells the unique story of its maker and every piece carries a different energy. Products have a personality, just like you.


As fast consumption peaked, more efficient ways of production developed, favouring speed over slower traditional techniques. These ancient techniques belong to valuable communities and tell the stories of generations past, sometimes as close as our own grand-parents. But this know-how is slowly fading away, and with that, their source of income and our collective heritage. By choosing artisanal pieces, we allow for these endangered techniques to thrive and even sometimes be re-adopted by the new generation. 

3. LESS IS MORE (and better for the planet)

Being timeless classics that transcend style across generations, artisanal pieces are not driven by trends. Their quality and design last a lifetime and really never come out of style, thereby reducing overconsumption. Don't we all have a family heirloom that was passed on from generation to generation? I bet you it was handmade by an artisan! 

4. SOCIAL IMPACT (goes without saying..)

Uplifting especially female artisans, their families and communities; our preferences for artisanal pieces generate income and increase standards of living for many people. Our conscious choices travel all the way to touch actual people and directly contributes to their livelihood. Every purchase truly makes a difference. 

5. SUSTAINABILITY (also goes without saying, duh!)

Artisanal production tends to use local materials from the land. The weavers use the wool from the sheep, the natural dyes from the plants and herbs... The way it's been done for centuries (up until the advent of globalisation in the 20th century, yes, not that long ago!). Ingredients respect the seasons and almost nothing is transported by plane. Being handmade, this specific production process release barely any carbon emissions. It is by far the most sustainable and eco-responsible way of production.

Alright, now that I've bored you with my ethical and righteous side. Here are a few of my favourite things..

The Marrakech Tadelakt Round Candlestick holder in White and Black - I love this combination, it feels very Yin & Yang, His & Hers.. There's also something very soothing about its circular shape.

The absolutely stunning piece of work that is the Izlan and Kella necklace, handmade by artisans in Fes. I receive compliments every time I wear them.

Hourea's picks The most soothing shade of green, Tamegroute ceramics vase and Candleholder, paired with a fluffy Wool cushion and extremely lush Berber rug. 
Hourea's picks
When I receive guests, I like to use my Portuguese ceramics - the Pitcher also serves as a beautiful vase. The Moroccan Pouf is a great addition to my minimal living room, adding that pop of colour and acting as the perfect feet rest! 

Hourea's picks
Browse my favourite pieces, curated for you and perfect for gifting season - Hourea's Picks