ARTISANS DU MAROC | A collective of Morocco's finest craftspeople

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Hasna Tribak, founder of Artisans du Maroc tells us about her passion for Morocco's craft heritage and her efforts to showcase its talents and help preserve it.

What is the inspiration behind Artisans Du Maroc?

Artisans du Maroc was born out of a love for our Moroccan heritage and the desire to bring together a collection of the best creatives, artisans, and brands that Morocco has to offer. We celebrate the people behind our products and our name reflects the collective of talented craftspeople that create our collections. 

Morocco has a deep-rooted tradition of fine craftsmanship in which craft, knowledge and tradition are passed from generation to generation.  We want to preserve those traditions by connecting Moroccan artisans with a wider audience so they can continue doing what they love and preserve the artistry of traditional handmade products for future generations.




How do you source your products, what is your criteria for curation?

We thoughtfully curate our collection to include unique yet well-made pieces with stories to tell. Every item is handpicked and loved by us, not just for its appearance but it’s soul, story and purpose. 

We carefully consider our suppliers and work directly with artisans, cooperatives, and ethical brands in Morocco. We are grateful to know and partner with every one of our makers and have built strong personal relationships with each one of them.

We only select pieces for our collection which are handmade, made in Morocco and produced ethically and sustainably. Having the personal direct relationships that we do ensures this.


How are the products produced? How do you empower artisans and what is your pledge to them?   

We respect, trust, and honour each of the makers we work with. We practice fair trade and believe in business for positive change, which means paying fair prices and ensuring better working conditions for our artisan friends.

In addition to our fair-trade commitment, we also donate a percentage of our profits to local outreach programmes.  We want to preserve our unique cultural heritage and give back to the individuals and communities we work with by supporting trade in rural communities and empowering them.


What are some of your favourite items and how do you style them/incorporate them into your home? 

One of the simplest ways to transform any living space is with some thoughtfully chosen cushions. They’re a great inexpensive way to transform a room by adding colour, texture and individuality.

Candlestick holders are decorative but also add ambience when they’re used. I love the rustic green Tamegroute candlesticks I have on my mantle. I’ve styled them with soft pink candles which complement them really well. Their beauty really is in their imperfections. 

Post covid I’m looking forward to having friends over again and really making a fuss of them. Our range of Chabi chic tableware is perfect for making dinner feel more special. I love to mix and match the different traditional Moroccan patterns with the more contemporary designs – and it works!