KAM CE KAM | Contemporary Furniture Handmade in India

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Jehanara Knowles, designer of Kam ce Kam

 Meet Jehanara, founder of Kam Ce Kam

What is the inspiration behind your brand?

‘Kam Ce Kam’ comes from the Hindi phrase which can have several connotations, but is widely recognised as meaning ‘at the very least’. I saw it as a starting point: ‘at the very least, this is just the beginning for the possibilities that we have in creating with artisans in India’.

The philosophy of Kam Ce Kam is celebrating the contemporary handmade. India is a country of such rich talent and materials and we want to reveal these as we develop the collection. The craft and materials we use are a collection of very ‘Indian’ trades, which we wanted to contemporise.


Products of Kam Ce Kam, the sola mirror, mera chair and shelves are shown.

Who makes the furniture and how are they produced?

Every piece in this collection is handmade by a group of artisans, who work in timber carving, polishing, cane weaving, stone carving and most recently we have added weaving and ceramics to the collection.

Often you will find that a cane weaver comes from generations of cane weavers, a potter from a village of potters and timber carvers who have learnt the trade from their fathers, so for us it's very important that we are constantly supporting communities.

Artisans of Kam Ce Kam use techniques like timber carving, polishing, cane weaving, stone carving and weaving.


How do you empower artisans/local craft and local techniques and what is your pledge to them?

We hope to continue to grow a community of people who want to acquaint themselves and develop an appreciation for contemporary, handmade products from India.

To do this, we are continuing to design new collections which explore and expand into different elements of handmade craft.

Our products are consciously manufactured using ethically sourced materials and reusing waste materials where possible. Our seat pads are made from coir (coconut fibre) and our terrazzo tops reuse marble waste from our other marble products and from the marble yard.

Terrazo tops are made from reused marble.


What is your favorite item and how do you incorporate it into your home? 

The first piece I designed for Kam Ce Kam was the Mera chair, ‘Mera’ in Hindi translates to ‘mine’. It took so much product development, from material research to iterations of the shape and form, and we ended up with an extremely versatile and iconic form. It can be used as a dining chair, side chair or a reading chair, and we have recently introduced 2 new versions of it, one lower and wider for more comfortable lounging, and a more petite version with no arms as a desk or dining chair.

Mera chairs come in light and dark versions and also as dining chairs.