LE MOGADOR | Raffia goes contemporary

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Le Mogador founder, Wiam El farrah in Morocco

Meet Wiam, Founder of Le Mogador

"Le Mogador is 'Où L’Art Devient Mode', which means 'Where Art Becomes Fashion'"

 What is the inspiration behind your brand and boho designs?

Our brand was founded in Morocco, combining the traditional craftsmanship that has existed for centuries with a contemporary palette of colors and patterns. I am originally from Morocco, growing up in a city where art is part of our daily life. You can appreciate it in something as basic as a door or by enjoying a typical dish full of colors and flavors. I got the chance to do my college in Paris, and it thought me how to implement this heritage to a more modern and contemporary design.

Moroccan inspiration behind the brand

How long does it take to make one shoe? Who makes them and how are they produced?

It takes about a day to create one pair of shoes by our female artisans. All our processes are handmade and sustainable. The original color of Raffia tends to Nude tons. So we are using vegetables and spices to dye it and give it a different look. 

How do you empower artisans and what is your pledge to them?

My ultimate goal is to combine Fashion with Social. We have been working closely with female artisans to empower them to become more independent and provide for their families. Most of them work from the comfort of their homes while taking care of theirs kids. We want to give them back their voice.

What is your favorite item and how do you style it?

My ultimate favorite, and one of our classics, is the Azoulay Nude. I think it matches all the mood. From a sophisticated look wearing a long colorful dress, to a much simpler one, with jeans and a white tee-shirt for example. Take it to your next get away and you won't regret it! 

The Azoulay in Nude, perfectly styled for a beach or city look

The nude in Azoulay The Azoulay in coloured variation to add more character to your outfits

The Azoulay in coloured variations