the founder of otto hari

Meet Carolina, the founder of Otto Hari


What is the inspiration behind your brand?

Otto Hari is a new way of experiencing life. Wisely savouring time and embracing the timeless. It is the morning glory of the Ottoman splendour, bringing back memories from a faraway planet, enthusiastic, refreshing and beautifully nostalgic. Awestruck by the creation of this New Earth, we are inter-connected more than ever across cultures, beyond history and towards the future yet all tending back to Mother Earth for our belonging.


ottoman ceramics


Where are your products produced?

All of our products are consciously made in Istanbul, among the hidden secrets of one of the oldest markets in the history of the world: the Grand Bazar. It is in its “caravansareas” where the merchants once used to rest from their travels on the silk way, that our ateliers are located, bringing directly to you the antique taste, “Hari” of the ottoman culture.

ottoman aesthetics


What are the principles you follow when it comes to production?

100% woven silk, customizable, reversible, naturally coloured and extremely versatile jackets, pants, vests conceived as the irrepleacable elements of everyday life. Paying tribute to the essential values of sustainability and human enhancement, this conscious line of unique designs represents a statement towards the new paradigm of authenticity. What we choose to consume is more responsible, must respect our vision and be durable. One rule: it will last through generations, memory of stories, moments and antique civilizations.

otto hari styling