ATELIER HANDMADE | Ukrainian Linen made with Love and made to last


Meet Anastasia Yershova, founder of Atelier Handmade

"Not only linen is eco-friendly and sustainable, it is also durable, hypoallergenic and breathable."

As an advocate of conscious consumption and sustainability, Anastasia Yershova founded Ukranian clothing brand Atelier Handmade in 2012 focusing on season-less capsule collections, using organic and recycled materials while especially focusing on linen. For her, every Atelier Handmade item is a token of gratitude to nature. Through the usage of linen, which is a sustainable fabric made from the flax plant, Atelier Handmade uses less water and produces clothing that is naturally more resistant and gets stronger with every wash. All the products are breathable and most importantly, completely biodegradable when untreated.


Founder Anastasia Yershova reflects her eco-conscious identity through her brand

Why is sustainability so important to Anastasia and what is the reason behind the choice of linen as the main material?

Believing that especially in the world we live in, everybody should be more conscious about sustainability, the founder represents her environmentally friendly identity through her brand and improves it to be more parallel with her values about the nature and the world. Not only linen is eco-friendly and sustainable, it is also durable, hypoallergenic and breathable. The choice of linen is also supported by the fact that it’s one of the strongest fibres and it’s very long-lasting. Coming from Ukranian farmers, where high quality flax is mostly grown, Anastasia also helps give back to the community.

Atelier Handmade cares about environment and promotes ethical production with eco-friendly techniques
Taking sustainability and conscious consumption to the next level, during her pregnancy this year, Anastasia became very aware of the constraints of purchasing maternity clothing and the unsustainable practice of doing so. She decided to look into her closet for clothes that would be suitable for pregnancy as well as ran a campaign to show how her collection could be worn by both pregnant and non-pregnant women alike. Reducing the need to buy maternity clothing that only last a few weeks before they no longer fit. This way you help save the planet and your wallet. We love it!
Maternity clothing sustainably made by Atelier Handmade

How to care for the eco-conscious linen clothes?

Requiring special care, there are two ways to wash linen clothes: dry cleaning and hand washing.
Dry Cleaning

Being %100 percent natural linen, Atelier Handmade clothes need gentle treatment. Trust dry cleaning as the fastest and most convenient way to care for your linen outfit.

Hand Washing

Make sure to check the care label on your clothes before you start washing your linen clothes. Recommendations about temperature and washing time could be different depending on the fabric. Sure it requires more time and effort but hand washing is a great way to keep your outfit in good condition. Since in the end, who will take care of your clothes better than your own hands?

While hand washing, ensure the water is cool or slightly warm and add some detergent. Soak it in and after a few minutes, take your clothing away from the soapy water and rinse it for a while. While drying, don’t forget to be very gentle since you might easily damage fabric fibers. No need to use machines, just hang it somewhere appropriate and simply use air circulation. Protect it from direct sunlight since it might tarnish the colors.

Follow these steps to save the shape of your garment and to keep it clean, fresh and good-looking for years.

Buy less, but better quality
How to style Atelier Handmade’s linen garments?

Wear the Loved Collection either to the beach or bring the breeze back to the city! It’s breathable fabric keeps you comfortable and stylish either way. After a stroll in the city during the day, you can change back to colorful options of the collection, like the black shirred crop top, to move on with the night.

Styling made with Atelier Handmade to go with the beach look
Styling made with Atelier Handmade to go with the city look