Founders of Kmana
Meet Bea, co-founder of Kmana
From “mau ke mana” (Indonesian): Where are you going?


Kmana is a family-run creative studio born in 2019, based in Indonesia and in Singapore. With the goal of changing the narrative behind “Made in Southeast Asia”, Kmana blends slow European design with heritage South-East Asian craftmanship to create contemporary and meaningful bags and accessories.

Deeply committed to the principles of slow fashion and sustainability, the brand makes the effort to use locally sourced materials following the mantra: “From the earth, back to the earth.”

Kmana walked the extra mile to make sure the production process minimizes the chemicals that are used and packaging is handled with eco-friendly materials like bamboo, really trying to be gentle and kind to environment.

As a purpose driven brand, the founder says that sustainability isn’t simply an ingredient they are adding, it’s in their DNA.

Kmana purposes
Kmana purposes

Inspired by the long lived suitcase belonged to her grandfather, Bea believes Kmana can function as a bridge to show the world the beauty of timeless crafts made in Indonesia, working together with family run artisans, weavers and silversmiths.

By helping local artisans with capacity development and access the right equipments, Kmana enables them upgrade their quality and have access to other markets, i.e, changing the perception behind “Made in Southeast Asia". 

In a gentle way we can shake the world!


kmana travel bags


kmana travel bags