Sourcing the most unique and luxurious artisanal pieces from all around the world, ARTIZAANS helps conscious customers find hidden gems, shop consciously and become carriers of world cultures. Through collaborations made with artisans and creatives from all 5 continents, our unique curation offers astonishingly beautiful handmade fashion and home products while preserving heritage filled handicrafts and generating income for the communities who make them.

artisanal production of najash bag

By promoting timeless artisanal pieces, ARTIZAANS aims to protect the know-how of craftsmen and help spread their culture and traditions. In a world where fast consumption and mass production are the norm, the word “handmade” is extremely powerful as it generates unique products full of creativity, history, meaning and soul. Coming out of the hands of an artisan and using materials of the land, handmade products are the most eco-friendly, as only local ingredients are used and every product is “from the earth, back to the earth.”

By showcasing artisanal handmade to customers all around the world, ARTIZAANS promotes sustainable consumption, meaningful decor and fashion while connecting a community of artisans, ecopreneurs, creatives and conscious customers.

founder of Artizaans

"At Artizaans, we care about the planet, its peoples and their cultures. It is reflected in everything that we do!" Hourea – Founder


We are an international team of women with a mission to protect the profession of handcrafts while being of service to our community of artisans, entrepreneurs and changemakers. We are driven by promoting ethical and sustainable production, mindful consumption and generating social impact. Our passion for artisanal creations is inspired by our passion for world cultures and travelling, which we hope to share with you through our unique curation and the stories of the amazing individuals that make this possible.