Fez Blue


For centuries, the traditional textile needlework that is Tarz el Fassi has served as a beautiful emblem of rich Moroccan culture.  These iconic, stitched patterns adorn household furnishings, linens, clothing, and accessories.  Much like the Tajine, this awe-inspiring craft originated in the ancient city of Fez.  A hub for time-honored pottery-making, this dazzling metropolis has become famous for its blue and white ceramics that feature stunning, Tarz el Fassi designs.  Interestingly, the style bears a striking resemblance to the Dutch Delfts Blauw earthenware, don’t you think?

Just beyond the edges of this cultural capital, you will discover the magic of traditional clay craftsmanship amongst scattered ceramics factories.  Here, talented artisans manually carve the famous mosaic stones that define Moroccan style.  It is the location where detailed, small-batch production is carried out to create the magnificent artwork for which Fez is known.  It’s an incredibly moving experience to see such a special and important piece of history in action.

ZIRI’s Fez Blue Tajines enable you to bring a slice of Moroccan culture into your home, whilst simultaneously helping to keep a tradition alive.  With each use of these elegant dishes, imagine the clay as it drops onto the foot-operated potter’s wheel and is shaped to perfection by generations of skilled hands.  Feel the warmth of the sun that has dried the form.  Enjoy the beauty of the detailed, hand-painted Tarz el Fassi embroidery designs as you honor this age-old art form that has survived into the 21st century.

  • Gas, electric and ceramic proof
  • Oven up to 250 degrees without lid
  • Don’t put it in the dishwasher
  • Cook on low heat
  • Maximum servings 4-6 people
  • Base diameter: 30cm

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