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The Cool effects of Blue Moroccan rugs in your home décor 


Today, what we are going to cover in this article can be summed up in just one phrase – magnificently neutral. When every wall is white or grey, you need your interior, ornaments, paintings, and everything to be perfectly blended with the overall mood. This is why it is important to know the color combinations and themes that go along beautifully with each other. 

As you plan to decorate your home, you need to focus on your goals. What mood do you want from a home to portray? A warm or cozycool or relaxing? Without putting you in more difficulty let’s see the possibilities if you want an airy, open, and relaxing room. 

For this, Blue Moroccan rugs open up a wide space to help you feel comfortable and inviting and provide you with an amazing aura for every design and every color theme you decide to play with. 

To assist you in comprehending the intricacies of Blue Moroccan rugs and how they beautifully blend with the colors of the surroundings let's hover over some color themes and some perfect symbolisms this time. After that, we’ll reveal some shades of Blue Moroccan rugs so you can have a complete picture of what color suits best to turn the aura of your room into a heavenly relaxing sensation. 


Understanding the color combinations 

Colors undoubtedly influence the overall temperature of the space. In accordance with understanding the color combinations, we need to see what suits best to compliment the ambience of your room either warm or cool colors. Blue Moroccan rugs call an airy opening to your room for plenty of reason. Let’s look at some of them: 


Warm and Cool Colors 

Warm colors like reds, yellows, and oranges or the mixture of these colors construct the illusions of contagious feels. They are the colors that provide energy and passion. The colors are often used in large space to give them intimate feelings. 

On the contrary, cool colors are soothing, calming, and relaxing. They include purples, greens, and blues. As compared to warm colors, more of the cool colors are oftentimes recede. They are the absolute choice for decorating small rooms to give them a larger appearance. And for that, if Blue Moroccan rugs are used in creating the essence, they will as inspiring as a peacock feather. 

Placing the Blue Moroccan rug in the room will provide a peaceful and serene feel to the room. Navy, turquoise, and most of the time sky blue hues – all are the providers of safety sensations. 


Blue Moroccan rugs – A color symbolism 

A Norway creative studio Bourne Creative stated that the blue color conceals the emotional feeling behind it. Blue demonstrates the vision beyond and wide. It represents both the deep sea and the heights of the sky – which is associated with freedom, imagination, intuitions, expansiveness, sensitivity, inspiration, and imagination. 


Blue shows the meaning of depth, sincerity, loyalty, trust, confidence, wisdom, heaven, faith, stability, and intelligence. Amy Wax depicted once: 


The colors and designs of a home should be a reflection of the people who live inside.

When you opt for Blue Moroccan rugs to decorate your room or home – you are giving your home a royal oriental look, you are accumulating the layers of beauty and adding the meaning to think beyond just a color or just a decorative item. 


Different hues of Blue Moroccan rugs opens up the arms of imagination that they were the creation of the Atlas Mountains tribal weavers. 


Blue Moroccan rugs decorative themes 

Black and white-colored Moroccan rugs look beautiful to almost every colored wall and interior designs, but how Blue Moroccan rugs complement different themes? Let’s explore more.




  • Coastal

Coastal themes bring the idea of seashells – how could someone not add coastal themed rugs to the room adding seashells and various hues of sea and sky? 


  • Mid-century Modern theme 

Blue Moroccan rugs look dramatically amazing with Mid-century modern themes with their various patterns and designs. The shapes and decorative symbols they demonstrate through their designs are marvellous and awe-inspiring.


  • Scandinavian 

The theme depicts the modern white designs to use Blue Moroccan rugs in order to provide the room with an open up feel. The Scandinavian interior theme was generally based on white and bright colors keeping the winter season in mind – where the colors are kept understated and soft to give the uniform effect to the Scandinavian décor. 


Minimalist Blue Moroccan rugs are added to them to enhance the chilly effects of the atmosphere with grey and white decorative ornaments. 


  • Boho

Blue Moroccan rugs go perfect with an eclectic / Bohemian theme. The challenge in the Bohemian theme is its decoration without giving it a cluttered look. It’s easy to make a room stuffed with thing cramming to call it boho. Blue Moroccan rugs work great with their dyed and patchwork designs. 


A lot of designers add Blue Moroccan rugs to their boho themes with a variety of colorful designs, shapes, and textures. 


  • Minimalistic Farmhouse 

With their charming and eye-catching persona, Blue Moroccan rugs are trendy décor to the modern farmhouse and the popularity is increasing with every passing day. These Farmhouses are featured with antique heirlooms. 

And when we talk about antique treasures, how can we not mention Blue Moroccan rugs. These minimalist yet elegant decorations are so important to décor any area to flaunt with style and to give the space particularly a cramped touch. 


More Places to Decorate With Blue Moroccan Rugs


  • Kitchens with Blue Moroccan rugs


Do you have that modern fancy kitchen with a white dynamic sterile feel? Placing a Blue Moroccan rug in your furnished and healthy-looking kitchen will add up the airy feeling while adding the much-needed color to the room.


You can also use long Blue Moroccan runner rugs at your hallways and corridors to décor your house more efficiently and direct your guests to the kitchen where the dinner or the places it would be served. People already love the patches and patterns of Blue Moroccan rugs, and the use of them in this way will surely make them go insanely in love with your décor ideas. 


  • Living Rooms with Blue Moroccan rugs

This is our personal favorite place to put a Blue Moroccan rug with floor cushions and a center table with some magnum opus. Go for a larger size this time according to the magnitude of your living room. The beauty and the patterns on the Blue Moroccan rugs will boast themselves. 


  • Bedrooms with Blue Moroccan rugs

Aforementioned, blue and all the hues of blues are so exotic and relaxing shades. Hence placing a Blue Moroccan rug in your bedroom will unwind your senses and calm your nerves with a dimmed light that compliments the aura of the room perfectly. 


Best kind of Blue Moroccan rugs 

Adding blue rugs to your rooms after all this discussion will become your compulsion if you have lighter colored walls. We at EttiluxHome love to narrow down choices for you if you are still conscious about the material, design, and colors of the Blue Moroccan rugs for your home. 


A wide variety of Blue Moroccan rugs in different sizes and patterns are available with hand-stitched and woven collections. We consider your taste and help décor your home as beautifully as we could. 

Let’s find out which one would fall impeccable for your home this time. 


  • Over-dyed Blue Moroccan rugs

Over-dyed Blue Moroccan rugs are the ones that are custom made often, and the ones that come with an extra shade of blue. You can get your over-dyed Blue Moroccan rugs from made to order facility. 


  • Blue Moroccan Kids rugs

Putting the small steps in mind, we have gathered some extraordinary collection made just for kids from fun designs that your kids will definitely love. There are patterns, motifs, and a lot of colors for your child to be in love with. 


  • Kilim Blue Moroccan rugs hand-knitted 

The Middle East and Central Asia production, Kilim Blue Moroccan rugs are hand-knotted beautifully but in a completely different way. Kilim is derived from the Persian language, a term ‘gelim’ which actually mean is to spread. 

The flat weaving is the identity of the Kilim rugs that makes the rug different from all other types of Moroccan rugs. Kilim features bold designs and bright colors and usually are made from sheep wool. 


How to keep your Blue Moroccan rugs clean to stay longer with you? 

You already know how important it is to decorate your home to have a satiated feeling that makes you relax from the long tiring day. For this purpose, you have been looking for expansive things that can provide you that comfort such as Blue Moroccan rugs. 


Now you have to keep them clean and dust-free in order to make them stay with you for a longer period. For this, you can follow these steps. 

  • Keep vacuuming your Blue Moroccan rugs to keep them dust-free and shiny.
  • To keep them feline, spray a diluted vinegar to them so that their shine does not go away.  
  • Regular dust baking soda to eliminate every kind of odor from your Blue Moroccan rugs. 

Key Details

  • Premium wool.
  • Dimensions: (4.7 x 8.5 feet) – (145 x 259 cm) 
  • Rug thickness:2.5 cm.
  • 100% Handwoven


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