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Moroccan Rug Pink (5.5 x 8.9 feet) (167 cm x 274 cm)


Authentic Moroccan Rugs Pink Area rugs

The genuine Berber Moroccan rug pink mainly is a handmade product by tribal women from the Atlas region, originally made for domestic use. The rug is made from silk and soft fine graded wool which provides the rug with a furnished and elegant look. Each and every Moroccan rug pink and other colored rugs are uniquely designed having their own presence in the arena of the masterpieces.

Moroccan pink rugs are the most sought after rugs and assumed to be the treasure among the varieties of carpets and rugs available in the market. They have marked their places with their popularity across many interior designers and home decorators.

It’s important to find vintage and high-quality authentic rugs from plenty of options. As we care about our customers to get the authentic and the best quality product as the true Berber Moroccan rug Pink are the most eccentric and elegant and also are highly demanded, plus the weaver deserves the credit and recognition of the work. Also, we make sure that the buyer gets all the information regarding the authenticity of every piece he buys, that they are truly Moroccan and credible.

Later in the post today, we will unveil the secret behind what matters a lot when you opt to get a Berber Moroccan rug Pink for the small or large areas of your homes.


What Matters A Lot When Buying A Vintage Moroccan Rug Pink?

The term vintage brings the idea of something that is old or unique in any way. The term is widely used for rugs these days. To us, it means the rugs with quality and durability that is from, say like before the 1990s. Many of us without knowing the origin of the rug just buy it as we like the color or the appearance of the rug. Appearance does matter, but so does age.

The one thing that EttiluxHome is certain about is the age of the rug is actually vintage or from the mid-centuries. This is an essential thing which you should also look to compare the value of the rug. There are some indications that may tell you that the Berber Moroccan rug Pink is original and you are not fooled by showing the fake one.

An originally crafted Berber Moroccan rug Pink that is used in the homes and the tents are likely to be crafted with henna stains, patches, marks, candle wax designs, unscrambling from the ends, and any others. Mostly the old Berber Moroccan rug Pink is probably featured restorations or they can be well-worn. Doesn’t matter what the reason or techniques restorations will be visible by every mean.

Look For Antique Washes

In Morocco, the information of selling and producing Berber Moroccan rug Pink ones especially are adjusted and are customizable according to the need of the market. The Berber Moroccan rug Pink and other colored rugs are then woven from the original weavers to provide the market with the original rugs. But many commercialized producers nowadays creating rugs with washed, faded chemicals and raked them to give their newly crafted rugs a look of old rugs to be sold at the same price because the demand for these rugs is too high.

Some producers have begun to source wool from outside the country to meet the high demand for these rugs. But the ones who know how an old Berber Moroccan rug Pink looks like will never get fooled by these tricks.


Look Closely At the Details

The production of the rug will tell you the secret story behind its manufacturing process. For instance, Wool are the weft of the old tribal areas Berber Moroccan rug Pink and with other colored rugs. The wool is an expensive resource so providing them with a vintage look, the cotton is routinely used in newly created tribal rugs commercially.

In the past years when the rugs were hand-woven by the tribal women of Morocco in almost every areas of its province, the women used to take every possible material to beautify the identity of the rug.


Tales about the Vegetable Dyes

Artificial dyes have been readily available remotely in the marketplaces for decades complementing the natural colors used by the original Berbers. In the early 20th century plenty of women weavers preferred readymade dyes and get the dyes from the souks as they make their work a bit easier. This also means that usage of natural vegetable dyes are less common than anybody could ever think about the vintage rug’s dyes.

Many years ago hues like blue, tangerine, aborigine, and amber were derived naturally and used in the making of the rugs greatly. However, hues like pink, aqua, light pink, and pastel tones were barely used in the time back then, which are now widely produced and demanded.


Understanding Berber’s Culture

Nowadays many people without having sound knowledge of the Berber tribal life and the customs and have jumped into the international Berber Moroccan rug Pink trading market. This is why they rely on the trading centers in Morocco like Essaouira, Marrakech, or Fez to get the supply of information and the stock. This lack of complete information creates misunderstanding between the buyers of the original product.

For instance, Beni Ourain rugs are in great demand and have been the most demanded type of Moroccan rugs to the extent that this rug has become a byword to all Moroccan tribal rugs. But of course not all the rugs are the same, every rug has its own specialty that needs to be admired.

As for Beni Ourain, they were only woven by the tribal areas of the northeastern Atlas Mountains of Morocco.


Learning about The Berber Moroccan Rug Pink Carpets

Nothing can truly take the place of Berber Moroccan rug Pink vintage carpets. The tribal women were taught to weave their family patterns, color ranges, and looping techniques from the time of their childhood when they were young girls watching their mothers and grandmothers intricately weave the designs on the carpet that was supposedly used for domestic purposes.

Whereas, some professional master weavers made some Berber carpets that were used to give as a price or gift or as an honor to the elite families. Many of these are smaller in sizes that could be used as prayer mats. 

The shredded wool is used in the Berber Moroccan rug Pink and other colored rugs to make the original Moroccan rugs. For this, the wool from the sheep of the Atlas Mountain cleaned completely and combed so that it could spin easily. Cotton then are separated for the dying and to keep the natural base of the rugs.

Some rugs are produced from camel hair that is quite warm and used in winters specifically. They are available in the natural camel skin color only. However, through the loops, you can partially judge the origin of the rugs. Rugs that are made from larger and loosed loops are likely to be made from the mountain region. The reason behind the loops s that they’re used to keep the people warm and protect the people from colder weathers.

The southern Berber region of Moroccan rugs usually has sophisticated weavers. The rugs are quite flat and mixed with colors, textures, and patterns. There are weavers that create diamonds, lozenges, triangles, and crosses and simple shapes. The traditional Berber Moroccan rug is pink, brown, black and cream, and white. 


The Meaning of the Berber Tattoos and Designs in Rugs

Berber tattoos: Africa has a complex and long history of tattooing. The Berber tribe has been associated with the tattooing, symbols, and motifs on their homes and on even bodies for centuries. This tattoo ranges from animals, figures, plants, to amazing abstract designs.

But these tattoos mean differently and are used for plenty of purposes – but they all are connected to protecting the people from evil spirits. Moroccan vintage rugs and Berber Moroccan rug Pink have these patterns, motifs, and designs in a plentiful way. It is particularly Berber’s women thing to weave and pass these techniques and teach their meaning to the new generation to pass on.

Traditional Berber Moroccan rug Pink and other rugs designs include zigzag, checks, triangles, stars, and crosses.

Designs of the traditional rugs are the amalgamations of the motifs adapted from the African culture and from other religions. Other than loops, designs also describe the origin of the rug. Motifs are the symbols of God’s blessing, energy, protection, and power. The protective properties and the spiritual powers are believed to ward off the evil eye.



Last Pattern

Now when you know things that you need to see before buying your authentic Berber Moroccan rug Pink. We assume that you know the importance of being the most informative person that can guide others as well about what to consider when making your first purchase. EttiluxHome has the true quality that is trusted and reliable. Therefore, you can get your Berber Moroccan rug Pink or in any color, or size, you want without hesitation.

 100% wool Dimensions : (5.5 x 8.9 feet) (167 cm x 274 cm)

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