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Moroccan Rugs Orange (5.4 x 6.8 feet) (165 cm x 208 cm)


Designer Rugs for Your Living Room - Orange Moroccan Rugs

From the vintage and antique treasures of tribal weavers to the amazing woolen loom productions, our Moroccan rugs collection offers you a diversified epitome of the colors and variations that takes you to the streets of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains.

With the beautiful vibrant colors along with the Orange Moroccan rugs of the tribal intricate charms, these masterpieces go along amazingly with the spaces and projects.

Orange Moroccan rugs interior designs are elegant, luxurious, and exotic all in one frame. It is now possible to decorate your home with entirely different and distinct colors of rugs. No matter wherever you live or whoever you are – the world has absorbed the beauty of these Moroccan rugs so amazingly that you can get your very own Moroccan rug right in front of your door.

The most important thing about Moroccan rugs is their opulent appearance; it directly depends on the fabrics, colors, patterns and the way they were weaved.

Let’s explore some ideas to decorate your home, offices, and sacred places with Orange Moroccan rugs and Moroccan style interior designs.


Origin of the Moroccan Looms

Whilst Moroccan style interiors and Moroccan style rugs were originated from the homes of tribal Moroccan people. The designs and styles have gained popularity not only in its connected countries but internationally within the mid-20th century. Wealthy travelers and hippies often explore the world and brought these tribal pieces from the land of the Atlas Mountains and Sahara deserted areas to decorate their homes and markets.

Morocco is an amazing country full of creativity and creative weavers – it is a homeland of Arabs, Berbers, Sub- Saharan Africans, and Europeans. And this origin diversity of the weavers makes the rugs different from each other.



Essential Elements for Moroccan Style Interior

  • The selection of vibrant colors

The colors are the first thing that make the impression on the tourists when they visit Morocco. The interior style of Morocco is entirely based on colors. If you ever get a chance of visiting a Moroccan home, it’s possible that you can find everything with colors including pillow covers, tiles curtains, wall hangings, blue, red, orange Moroccan rugs, and even walls are painted with beautiful color combinations.

Color plays an essential role in the history of Morocco – especially when it comes to old Moroccan medians. For instance, Chefchaouen city is famous because of its blue-colored rugs and styles, hence popular as the blue city, Marrakesh exterior walls are painted red, so it’s known as red city. These colors make the memories and so inspire the travelers to have even more dreamy experience.


  • The light in the dark

Lights create the exotic ambience of the place where they are used properly. In the Moroccan style, they are often used dim so the colors around the room or a restaurant do not get overexposed to the lights. Hanging lamps with soft lights of yellow, orange, red undertones are the most desired items.

In the traditional Moroccan settings, colored lanterns, chandeliers, and leather holders for candles are used to obtain a comfy feel. And that is one of the most valid reasons why Moroccans are always like to get the expansive lamps and hanging lanterns so as to achieve the most sought after result.


Therefore, whatever you opt for your colorful interior that also goes along with your furniture layout, we are sure that this will not only enhance the mood of the place but rejuvenate the lost charm as well. This option will open up the door of choices with which you can décor your entire place with unlimited option. For instance, if your space has orange Moroccan rugs as wall hangings then dimmed soft tones yellow and red light will be awe-inspiring, or in cases, if red or orange Moroccan rugs are there as the part of your interior then you can imagine the jaw-dropping aura.

Other options for lighting can be a terrace, outdoors, near or at the front door.


  • Moroccan Artistic Crafts

With the amalgamation of different traditions including Jewish, Arabs Berber, and Andalusia; the craftsmanship of Moroccan tribal areas is famous for centuries. Either it is woodworking, stonework, precious metals, or weaving – you will get every piece a masterpiece all over the country.

The Moroccan souks are widely popular for the workshops and craft shops that are a must-visit.


  • Incredible Moroccan Poufs

Auxiliary items that have become the staple for every Moroccan style, include Moroccan poufs. The colorful poufs fit magnificently when they are paired with colorful orange Moroccan rugs. They even complement the presence of floor cushions with their presence.

They are one of the essential items when it comes to home décor – giving your guests a cozy feel and extra room to make your guests feel at home. You can adjust them on sofas, on chairs, and even in the living room. Whatever place you decide for them, they never laid your expectations.


  • Moroccan Stylish walls

No matter where you have put your orange Moroccan rug, the wall linked with it must have something different. Why not adding a Moroccan style mirror or wall hanging rug? Large colorful wall hangings or mirrors can create a relaxing and calming effect.

You can also use runner rugs for the purpose when you want to put your lighting and wall mirrors in your hallways. Just imagine! How extraordinary luxurious environment it would constitute.



  • Moroccan rugs and carpets

Having a Moroccan rug at your place is just like adding a glimmer and sparkle to your home that will stay with you and your family as they grow. Possessing a wide range of colors like orange Moroccan rugs, our EttiluxHome will serve you with the best prices, sizes, and the diversified collection of rugs from different parts of Morocco with all its authenticity.

The rugs are purely hand-woven and many say that the pattern, designs and symbols on the rugs are the stories that the weaver have gone through for all its life and have poured them in weaving. They are made from extra virgin sheep wool of the Middle Atlas which is extremely soft to touch and decorated with motives and vegetables dyed to add various inspirations.


Moreover, these Orange Moroccan rugs and carpets are one of their kind that is essential for every kind of interior, not just Moroccan style interiors. In Morocco, it is almost impossible to find any house without a rug. These colors, designs, and patterns give homes an eccentric look that is impossible to get without some of these vintage-style Moroccan rugs.


  • Moroccan pillows and Cushions

Sometimes, it becomes essential to redecorate your home by adding all the new colors and interiors. If redecorating your home or the specific space is all your concern ­– adding amazing cushions and pillows of Moroccan tribal touch will add up a whole new atmosphere to the space. Placing just an orange or red pillow on the armchair will instantly turn it into an exotic trendy piece.

In addition to that, you must believe how romantic and classy ambience these Moroccan pillows offer. Put them on your bed, sofa, chair, or anywhere you want, they will add up an elegant glance to your home.

At some point, pillows and cushions become the focus of your guests when they first enter your living room; and with these Moroccan cushions, you will find them admiring your styles.



What Else Can You Get From Morocco?

Moroccan rugs have made their way from the homes of the tribal weaver to the international customer’s closet so quickly in the past decades. From interior designers to the fashion industry, everyone is talking about Azilal, kilim, and Beni Ourain masterpieces.  

Moroccan trendy carpets and rugs are the most famous treasures that Morocco has given to the world. The treasures which we already had discussed in the article above includes black and white and colorful orange Moroccan rugs, pillows, wall hangings lamps, and now shoes.

The new invention of the designers has come out with a new trend from Moroccan designs and patterns. TEN & Co. has designed a variety of earthy tones designs and styles with modern detailing. The shoes are made from the leftover pieces of the Moroccan rugs and are completely wearable.

These Moroccan trendy shoes are made originally by the cobblers of Marrakesh. Every shoe is made from different rug leftovers that is why they have their distinct identity to go with.

With these shoes, the idea of the rugs is well-defined that the rugs are initially traveled far from the Atlas Mountains and here where they have reached. Now people with shoes can travel to their original destinations by wearing them even.



Although Morocco is famous for all its artistic heritage and of course for its famous rugs and carpets especially orange Moroccan rugs. With these elements of decoration mentioned in the article, you will find out everything that is considered a Moroccan treasure.

You can find the best Moroccan rugs with a variety of colors and designs at EttiluxHome. To find a perfect orange Moroccan rug, explore the collection.

 100% wool Dimensions : (5.4 x 6.8 feet) (165 cm x 208 cm)

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