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+ Description

Each earring forms an "8" with its two old coins.
Symbolically representative of the sign of infinity, the reuse of these coins in jewellery also underlines their timeless character.

+ Product details

  • Handcrafted by hand
  • Silver 925
  • Four authentic antique Moroccan coins (date > 100 years old)
  • Technique: Chiseling
  • Height: 46 mm
  • Hours of work: 7

Your jewellery is delivered with its authenticity card and
in its YELLI JEWELS zipped pouch and is guaranteed for 1 year.

To ensure a long life for your jewellery, do not hesitate to consult the Care Tips section.


+ Delivery/Return details

Allow 10 days between the production of your jewellery and its delivery to your home.
For returns, please see our 
Returns Policy.

+ For delivery in Morocco, please consult this page.

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