Abanico Gold


Our Najash Pieces Have a Special connotation, the mix of two different artisans techniques of Colombian Indigenous, that understand each other just because they beleive in magic .This Treasure was Made by artisan of the association led by the artisan Juana Castillo , composed of 130 women heads located in Sandona , Nariño, using natural fiber, Palma de iraka. the pompoms are made by the Wayuu community located in the peninsula of La Guajira
Enjoy your TREASURE and support this communities by Taking Your NAJASH unique handmade Piece.

Product Details 

Natural fiber – Palm of iraka
Composition: Pompons100% Acrylic
Zamak hardware with bathroom in oror of 24k
* The measures are subject to change due to their condition of handmade in Colombia

Size & Fit 

Width: 26 cm
Length: 50 cm

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