Sophie Simone

Lipsi Bracelet


Lipsi Bracelet available in Bronze 22K Gold Plated and Silver .925. 

Ever since I was a child, I remember the excitement I felt when I happened to stumble upon a sand dollar on the beach. As an avid treasure hunter, I collected these magnificent flat shells, which I kept as precious jewels. They had magic powers! They looked and felt like ocean flowers. They were my flowers. My mom told me they were good luck. I still believe that.

This collection is entirely inspired by my childhood ocean flowers. They embody the imagination and magic we all felt so vividly as children.

As a designer, it is interesting to revisit these objects that once held so much value and magic. I start by fiddling around with them, exploring each angle, touching the textures.
The final process of decomposing and then putting the different fragments back together is a bit like doing a puzzle.

In this process of creating Fleur De Mer, I found that some of the designs remind me of Calder’s mobiles while other compositions have a hint of Matisse in them. It is always amazing to see what hides in one’s unconscious imagination.

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