Rafael Indiana

The LIVIA Ring


The Livia Ring is one of the 70 exclusive pieces from the CALISTUS collection. Each piece is only made once, embracing beauty through individuality.


Materials: Peridot Gemstone 8k solid gold.

Hand sculpted with a warm orange peridot. Rafael Indiana hand carves his rings from wax making each piece unique, which we believe is what gives the product it’s authentic ancient beauty.

Known for her beauty, Livia, wife of Augustus and first empress of the Roman Empire was also a mastermind and a political strategist, influencing and leading her husband Augustus. Wanting an eternal legacy stronger than her beauty, she made her son emperor of the Roman Empire. Warm, calming but strong-minded, Empress Livia's legacy is now also a ring that will forever inspire us.

Each piece is unique and might vary slightly from portrayed images due to hand made craftsmanship and natural gems. Handcrafted and finished by artisans in Istanbul, Turkey’s Grand bazaar. Every design comes with a unique story.

This product has limited units available. If you can't find your size or your desired item is out of stock, contact us. 

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