Rafael Indiana

Arabian Lion Ring


24k gold plated vermeil. Pre aged scratched surface. Hand engraved carnelian gem intaglio. 

The motif, which illustrates ancient and modern Persian traditions, became a popular symbol in Iran in the 12th century. The lion and sun symbol is based largely on astronomical and astrological configurations: the ancient sign of the sun in the house of Leowhich itself is traced back to Babylonian astrology and Near Eastern traditions.

- Handcrafted and finished by artisans in istanbul, Turkey’s Grand bazaar.
- 100% recycled pure 925 Sterling Silver / bronze. 10 micra 24 karat gold vermeil.
- Every design comes with a unique story.
- Free worldwide shipping.

Each piece is unique and might vary slightly from portrayed images. Avoid exposing your jewelry to corrosive agents that will deteriorate its brightness and color: fresh and salt water, soaps, perfumes, disinfectants, creams or products with alcohol, sweat, sun, etc. Proper use and care will ensure that your jewelry lasts in perfect condition.

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