Chinchorro Suusi


This beautifull Hamock we call them chinchorros is woven by the magical hands of the Wayuu community in the northeast of Colombia, La Guajira, made with the technique intertwined with guts, which are the two cords that cross it and the garnishes made with crochet work.  Inspired in ancient techniques and passes down over million of years. We use them to rest and also to transform our homes in a latin house. Enjoy your TREASURE and support this communities by Taking Your NAJASH unique handmade Piece.

Product Details 

Composition: 100% Acrylic
Handmade in Colombia

Size and fit 

Width: 30 CM
Length: 2,65 CM
Width: 30 CM
Length: 2,05 CM
* The measures are subject to change due to their condition of handmade in Colombia.

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