Natural Moroccan rugs

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  Our authentic Moroccan leather poufs are handmade out of natural sheapskin leather that wasprocessed in a traditional way in the tanneries of Marrakesh and Fes, except for the gold, Silver and Bronze they are made of faux leather Metallic dyes don't ad here to leather, They feature an embroidery on the top and a zipper on the bottom, They are completely hand stitched / embroidered.

 Our handmade poufs and ottomans are versatile and acanbe aperfect addition to any room from the living room to the play room. They are available in many colors, styles and patterns and can beused as foots tools to prop up your tired feet,seating around coffee tables, or a side table,or as extra seats.

Size: 20inch /50cm Diameter and 14inch / 35 cm Height

  Our poufs are sold unstuffed! This will give you total control of the stuffing materials and desired shape.

 If you are looking for wholesale offers write us here:

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