Cara Mia May

Lilac Pyjama Dress


Editor's Note - This limited edition capsule is a one-of-a-kind upcycled project featuring vintage pyjamas. A rare find from Italian vintage markets probably as old as our nonnas’ time, with quality cotton that lasts a lifetime. The dress has a delicate lace lining the hems with thin spaghetti straps. A lilac lace from Maria Grazia’s personal lace chest box, adds a touch of sophistication and belt line. A collection that is playful with character. 

Special Care - The cotton is of the finest quality and will get softer after a few washes. As the laces are vintage, do wash with extra care - consider hand wash, hang dry, and steam ironed for a crisp finish.

Sustainability Notes - As this is an upcycled project, each piece is unique, prolonging the lifecycle of nonnas’ pyjamas.

Fit - Medium loosely fit.

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