Moroccan culture is deepened and invigorated by its profound, ancient proverbs and classic words of wisdom.  These reflective statements are traditionally injected into conversation, delivering a healthy, yet powerful dose of irrefutable truth.  For centuries, they have spanned most, if not all, of the languages spoken in this delightful country, pointing to their cultural significance.  They are truly a thought-provoking wonder!  As such, it only made sense for us to incorporate them into our original designs.

من جد وجد ومن زرع حصد

This is the proverb featured on our vibrant Liyam Tajine.  Loosely translated, it means, “Whoever perseveres in something will find what they’ve been striving for; whoever sows their seed will reap its benefits.”  The phrase denotes the rewards that stem from the time and energy you devote to creating the future you so desire.  After all, nothing worth doing is easy!

When cultivating the garden of life, you must prepare the soil by making a plan and setting your intentions.  Planting the seeds embodies investing your whole heart into reaching your goals.  The water and nourishment that you provide to the flourishing sprouts are transformed into growth, much like the momentum that begins as you put all of your effort into making your dreams come true.  Eventually, after time and persistence, you achieve the abundant harvest for which you’ve worked so hard.

  • Gas, electric and ceramic proof
  • Oven up to 250 degrees without lid
  • Don’t put it in the dishwasher
  • Cook on low heat
  • Maximum servings 4-6 people
  • Base diameter: 30cm

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