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Black And White Moroccan Rug for Your Home

Since the Paleolithic age, where the people lived without any technology but they knew how to carve and make tools to help themselves creating masterpieces of that time. It is the time when the indigenous people of Morocco have started weaving and making rugs and textile.

These infamous Moroccan rugs have been there for many past years and gained international attention due to their extraordinary patterns and secrets behind their weaving since past decades. The popular Moroccan rugs were even not meant to be prepared for the decorative purpose initially, but as time passed, they become the essential staple for interior designers when it comes to design and rejuvenate the charm of a place.

The Moroccan rugs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. But the most popular of them are the black and white Moroccan rugs. If you are concerned about the recently changed attire of your room and want to reorganize your house with some elegant stuff, then these black and white Moroccan rugs are all you need to look for.


Black And White Moroccan Rugs

Black and white Moroccan rugs blend with the interior of space so naturally that they feel like they were just meant to be there from the start. They stay with you for particularly a longer period due to their durability and simplicity.

Minimalist interior designers are more likely incorporating these black and white Moroccan rugs in their new style statement ideas and reinventing some older ones to give them a refinished look for something that fits their aesthetic.  

At EttiluxHome  we have put a variety of black and white Moroccan rugs with a range of sizes and styles so that you can opt for whatever you find perfect for your space. Later in the article, you will have ten different black and white Moroccan rugs that will be minimalist and vintage that last long and will pay your back with their enduring life.



  1. Black And White Beni Ourain

A rug that is made beautifully with the crisscross arrangement of black and white colors, adds an attractive addition to the space you put them on. There are plenty of colors that you can choose from but black and white Moroccan rugs are too good for the purpose. Whatever will be your choice just make sure that you have chosen the right size that fits your needs.


  1. Black And White Diamond Rug

An amazingly woven example of Moroccan artisans, black and white Moroccan rugs with diamond geometric designs. The rug has the Boho feel attached to it that also is available in sizes and colors, but black and white works best for it. The rug looks great in the bedroom, living areas, and in even kitchen spaces. The natural fibers keep the rug soft and smooth so no need if you have small children run or lie down on it.


  1. Black And White Kilim Style Rug

Kilim rugs have a separate fan base for those who love the vibrant colors and the elegance they bring to the house. As kilim rugs are likely flat as compared to other black and white Moroccan rugs styles, but they are perfect for those who avoid extra hassles to keep things in place.


  1. Black And White Striped Beni Ourain Rugs

Whereas many Beni Ourain rugs, have a simple base and are produced with the cream cotton-based ground, but can be customized using different colors as well. That makes it easy for you if you have color combination or measurements of the space of your house then you can go for the customizable option and get your very own black and white Moroccan rug.




  1. Black And White Moroccan Azilal Style Rugs

Once you view our collection of Azilal rugs, we bet you would fall in love with them and want every piece to put at your home and make them worth it. These rugs are also available in made to order option that you can avail of any time when you visit our store. These black and white Moroccan rugs are crafted beautifully and possess an extreme alluring personality that’s impossible to resist.

On opting for made to order, it may take time up to 2 months and when you want to alter your rug size as well – then it may take longer as they are hand-woven and takes a lot of artisans effort to deliver the best quality collaborating with other necessary requirements.


  1. Beni Ourain Dots and Lines

Beni Ourain is a black and white Moroccan rug that comes with a unique feature of lines and dots. These rugs are the new addition to the collection with plenty of varieties in colors and sizes so you don’t have to worry at all. But we believe that it’s quite interesting how these rugs gain the attention of the buyer and compel them to purchase at a first glance.


  1. Beni Ourain Black At Center

A rather different design to Beni Ourain black and white Moroccan rug where it has a rectangular black single large piece at the centre of white carpet. If you want to switch the colors like on black carpet white center, then it would also be an option.

  1. Black Zanafi Runner Rug

Black Zanafi runner rugs are one amazing example of the black and white Moroccan rugs. They come in multiple sizes and colors, but the one with black and white has its own outstanding presence in the community. Just think of a long black and white Zanafi runner rug placing in your hallway!!



  1. Scrambled Symbols Azilal Rugs

Scrambled symbols are the first choice for those who consider vintage touch to their products most of the time that is with soft hues rather than bright and stuffed with bold colors. Although, it is quite difficult to understand what the woven symbols tell you about – but it would be a fun playing guessing games with your kids at night times.


  1. Tufted Crosshatch Beni Ourain

Beni Ourain tufted Crosshatch rugs are quite larger sized rugs and carpets that are perfect for bigger spaces of your house. The details and the simplicity of the specifics may remind you of embroidery.


Why Would Somebody Get Black And White Moroccan Rugs?

Black and white Moroccan Azilal or Beni Ourain rugs have turned out to be the only choice for the interior decorators due to the sophistication and simplicity they convey to the aura of the space.

The patterns and design that Moroccan women put in the rugs through weaving represent the natural events and the aspects of their daily lives. Superstitions are also there to play their part in the creation of patterns and design in the black and white Moroccan rugs, as many of the tribes believe that these symbols, patterns, and designs will keep them (or the one who is going to buy them ) from evil-eyes and from the magic spells. Therefore, the patterns on the rugs are the lucky charms for those who possess them and bring good luck and prosperity for them.

Versatility is another essence of the black and white Moroccan rugs that plays a vital role in making them compatible with every space, areas of the rooms and the overall interior/design/ & color. The illustrations and the geometric pattern of the rugs enhance the delicacy of your thoughts. For those who are concerned to alleviate the beauty of their interior without worrying about the dollars, the rugs will definitely would be a contemporary style statement.



Are Black And White Moroccan Rugs Durable?

Moroccan rugs are so durable and authentic, that’s why they are found in most high traffic areas of schools, office spaces, and homes. They are most likely stain resistant and affordable than any kinds of carpets and rugs available in the market. You just need to clean them after every 6-12 month period so that the patterns and design do not fade away from the surface and they would remain new forever.


How Black And White Moroccan Rugs Can Be Used?

Berber’s black and white Moroccan rugs are used by the people in multiple ways rather than just keeping them as a floor covering. They are mainly used in western North Africa for practical purposes as in tents, to provide warmth in cold elements, as passed down tradition, and for storytelling times.

Here are some more ways for the use of these uniquely designed and amazingly built Moroccan rugs:


  • Bed coverings
  • Sleeping mattresses
  • Seating covers
  • Mattresses
  • Burial Shrouds
  • Bridal cape
  • Saddle blankets
  • Plain blankets
  • Tents


Where You Can Buy Black And White Moroccan Rugs?

Ettilux Home have an extremely wide collection of black and white Moroccan rugs with vintage and minimalist imported qualities with handmade, commercialized, and customizable options to purchase online and in stores. The black and white Moroccan rugs are too good that they are one of a kind found by the traders and travelers to the various far and wide regions and tribes of Moroccan land. As we know how to make our customers pleased with our products, we always put their concerns on priority so you must not need to worry about your purchase.

Grab your masterpiece NOW!

Type: Moroccan Rug Handmade
Material: 100% Wool 
Backing: 100% Wool
Manufacturing: By hand
Production time: Approximately 2-5 weeks 
Origin: Morocco


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