Mochila Cosechas Terracota


This Treasure was made by artisans from the South west of Colombia, Sibundoy Putumayo, Indigenous Community KAMENTSA , their territory is called BËNGE WÄMAN, wich traslates “ Our sacred place of origins “ The figures are symbols of their community, representing the moon, earth and water.
Enjoy your TREASURE and support this communities by Taking Your NAJASH unique handame Piece.

Product Details 

Composition: 100% Acrylic
Close with magnet
Handmade in Colombia
Zamak with bath in oror of 24k

Size and fit 

Width: 22 CM
Length: 22 CM
Width: 5cm
Length: 110 cm
Diameter: 15×15
* The measures are subject to change due to their condition of handmade in Colombia

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