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Indigenous to the forests of Southern Morocco, Argan oil is particularly rich in Vitamin E (150% more than olive oil on average!) and essential fatty acids which are paramount for healthy hair, skin and nails.

This multitasking oil is deeply nourishing and moisturising, all while having a light consistency. It is ideal for multiple uses, a few of our favourite applications: 

Hair: Pre-blowdry, on damp hair, apply a couple of drop on mid-lengths and ends to nourish, protect and maximise shine. Can also be used as a luxurious pre-wash treatment by letting soak in for a couple of hours prior to washing, for retouching throughout the day, or as a leave-in conditioner/hair serum. 

Skin & Nails: apply a few drops to cleansed skin and nails for deep nourishment, moisture and anti-aging properties. 

INCI: 100% Argania spinosa kernel oil

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