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Moroccan Rug Vintage (6 x 9.9 feet) (182 cm x 303 cm)


How to Determine If the Vintage Moroccan Rug Is Authentic?

Vintage Moroccan rugs are one of the most delightful and beautiful rugs the world has ever seen. The design and embroidery that they deliver are magnificently pleasant to watch. And fortunately, if you own it, then you are one of the luckiest people who get the chance to own a vintage Moroccan rug.

Their presence is enough to give your home an adorable look. Doesn’t matter what is the origin of the Vintage Moroccan rug, it must be a tribal Berber rug, Beni Ourain, Kilim, or Boucherouite rug. They all look amazingly charming in their own way. Plenty of online distributors and sellers claim to supply the original and super quality authentic Vintage Moroccan rugs from the heart of Morocco.

But do they really sell the authentic vintage Moroccan rug on which you can rely upon? Well! Sometimes it’s true but it’s not the case every time. For this reason, you might have to verify adhering to some information we provide in this piece of the article today.


Ask the Seller about Its Deep Information

If you are purchasing a Vintage Moroccan rug for the first time from a seller and you want to testify whether the are  vintage, then you should ask as much information as you can from the seller. Most importantly, ask for the Vintage Moroccan rug’s past life as the rugs have been used and weaven in the ancient tribal houses for years.

Other than age, some other signs also are there to be considered when testifying authenticity is all your concern. Vintage Moroccan rugs, either belong to any family such as Beni Ourain, Kilim, Azilal or Boucherouite, they all have one thing in common, they have the stains of candle wax, henna, or tribal signs.

These marks are there to authenticate the originality of the Vintage Moroccan rugs. Moreover, these marks never compromise on the beauty, rather magnifies it and bring in the ultimate charm to the carpets and rugs. Hence, whenever you buy Vintage Moroccan rugs do ask for the past life and look for the stains.

When you find both the signs and get convinced about Vintage Moroccan rug’s authenticity, then you can surely make the purchase.

To avoid all this hassle of looking for the signs and ask for life, you can blindly trust EttiluxHome for the authenticity of the Vintage Moroccan rugs. 


Indications of Restoration

One more sign that you should look for when buying vintage Moroccan rugs is the signs of restorations. Vintage Moroccan rugs are the ones that are made decades ago. Manufacturers get these rugs and often clean them to give a new look by restoring torn pieces so the rugs can be used again as home décor.

In cases, where you see a Vintage Moroccan rug like Beni Ourain or and Berber rug is authentically vintage then it must have restoration patches. This may include the stitching and mending of the torn pieces and a quite fair change in color.

These restorations are done so carefully and perfectly that the original beauty and the authenticity of the rugs are not fade out and the original charm restores in the same way.


Beware Of Look-Alike Vintage Moroccan Rugs

Vintage particularly means the design and the hand-weaving style that was famous and was admired in the past due to its beauty. Many minimalist manufacturers produce replicas of the vintage Moroccan rugs as these Moroccan rugs are high in demands so as to make capital from this trend. These vintage items are reminiscent of famous goods from the other era.

Their appearance can be deceiving sometimes as all vintage looking rugs are not really vintage. That is why you need to be mindful every time you need to purchase a Vintage Moroccan rug from an online seller or from the souks in town.


Why People Make Replicas Of Vintage Moroccan Rugs?

Moroccan rugs have gained unbeaten popularity in the past two decades. These rugs are sought after by every home decorator and interior designer when they were travelled all the way from tribal areas to the Markets of the Arabs by traders.

Other than the designs and the weaving patterns, it’s the history of the Moroccan rugs and Morocco itself that make them popular. The indigenous people of Morocco made these rugs at the end of the 20th century using vibrant homemade colors and different pattern of loops.

These masterpieces were originally made for practical use such as for bedding, tenting, and as a cover in winter to protect them from the harsh season. Many rug weavers of that time, did not have the specific training for weaving, even for the artistry. These looping, designs, patterns, and signs of the Vintage Moroccan rugs are passed through generations.

These Vintage Moroccan rugs are purely made from the sheep-wool and are the most desired Moroccan rugs from all other rugs categories. This the reason for many of the manufacturers to make the replicas of the product and cash the popularity in the name of Vintage Moroccan rugs.


How Much Vintage Moroccan Rugs Cost?

Although, Vintage Moroccan rugs are available in almost every part of the world and are the most demanded ones as well. The actual price of the Vintage Moroccan rug depends on the type, size, quality, and age of the rug which also fluctuates over time. If you have an old Vintage Moroccan rug that you may have bought for $100 from 10 or 15 years ago then the price may have reached $1000 - $ 1500 till the date. They are like the old wine – the older it is, the richer it will be. The normal Vintage Moroccan rugs in today’s date can cost you somewhere around $500 - $30,000.


How to Buy Vintage Moroccan Rugs Online?

In order to start your hunt to buy a Vintage Moroccan rug online, you must try the following tips to avoid getting trapped by online scammers.

  • You should pay attention to the size of the rug. What the online store shows you in the pictures is greatly zoomed and edited ones. In scenarios where you order your Vintage Moroccan rug, you get amazed to see the actual size and dimensions that do not match the ones you ordered.

Surf the page thoroughly to know every information regarding the rugs you want to order. It should be in the written description of the product.


  • Be sure to look at the complete product before making your purchase. Ask your seller to send you complete pictures of the rugs. Stay away from the sellers who provide you with the rug images with couples and decorated rooms with interiors and furniture which doesn’t really reveal the actual size, patterns, design, and the color of the rug. A Vintage Moroccan rug is an investment and you have every right to know before paying for it.


  • Also, ask the seller if the eyeing product is homemade or commercialized. It may be a senseless question or one of the unimportant questions to ask. But in cases, you are paying for the price of hand-made Vintage Moroccan rugs and getting a machine-made Vintage Moroccan rug with a completely different look – then it is worth knowing.




  • Looking for the Vintage Moroccan rugs according to the specific demands can be expansive sometimes. If you are searching for a rug under or equal to $200 then you may not end up getting an 8 x 10 Vintage Moroccan rug. They are more costly because of the size and the quality of vintage that many online sellers deliver.



 Ending Note

Vintage Moroccan rugs are more famous today than they were in back 20th century when they were used especially by the European designers for decorating and flourishing their high-end designs. These Vintage Moroccan rugs were considered to be pious that they used to be placed in sacred places back then.

Whether you reside in the apartment or a furnished double storey house, with these beautiful Vintage Moroccan rugs you can fill up your spaces and rejuvenate the entire look. A piece of rug can open up a whole new world of memories that you would love to create with your family.

Look no other place, when you want your own piece of a magical Vintage Moroccan rug. At EttiluxHome you can get every variety you want.

100% wool Dimensions : (6 x 9.9 feet) (182 cm x 303 cm)

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