Natural Moroccan rugs

Nabta Azilal Custom Rug


The wool from the sheep in the Atlas mountains is genuinely unequalled and a Azilal rug is made solely from this pure wool and its natural colours, which are white, ivory and naturally dyed colours. A genuine Azilal rug is woven with simple and sophisticated patterns, making it much in demand from designers and consumers worldwide. A Moroccan Azilal rug is a work of art for the floor. If it is cared for with consideration, the rug will keep its beautiful colours, the wool will not wear out. Making it a rug to pass on through the generations.



Type: Colorful Azilal Rug
Material: 95% Wool 
Backing: 5% cotton
Manufacturing: By hand
Production time: Approximately 2-5 weeks (depending on size)
Origin: Morocco

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