Artisans Du Maroc

Sabra Cactus Silk Cushion Rosewater


A beautiful example of Moroccan craftsmanship coupled with traditional Berber design. Made from cactus silk fiber; Sabra (from which the cushion takes its name) is first woven on traditional wooden looms and then finished with handstitched Berber patterns which include symbols for love, strength, and many others.  

The Rosewater rose cushion cover is a pale pink tone finished with grey and beige coloured cotton stitching. This cushion cover is a one off as with all sabra cushions each one differs from the next, no two will ever be the exact same

Product features :

  • Size: 47cm x 49cm
  • Cover: 80% Cactus silk, 20% Cotton
  • Insert: Duck feather
  • Care: Dry clean only
  • Ethically handmade in Morocco

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